Famous glaciers

Finding The Famous Glaciers
 Of The World

The famous glaciers of the earth are certainly some of nature's great wonders. Beautiful displays of ice built up over many years and covering 10% of the earth's land area.

They are made up of snow that accumulates over long periods of time. The weight of the snow eventually compresses into a large thickness of ice.

Glaciers can be as small as a few hundred yards long or very large measuring hundreds of miles in length. These ice fields can flow like rivers, but the movement is quite slow on land. They are also our biggest reservoirs of fresh water.


Famous Glaciers
The Franz Josef Glacier In New Zealand

Famous glaciers are a big tourist attraction

As you might have guessed, these unique creations are very popular to visit and explore. Many can be visited by land, some by air, and some by cruise ships.

On this site we will explore some of the most famous glaciers and how to visit them. From Alaska cruises to national parks and more, its an exciting adventure for sure.                                              

Lake McDonald Glacier National; Park 
Lake McDonald At Glacier National Park In Montana        


Look through the pages here and learn more about some of the famous glaciers and maybe even plan a trip to visit one. Glacier National Park in Montana or Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska would both offer some awesome scenery and wildlife views for sure.